Sunday, March 25, 2012

Excerpt From Book Sequel to Flesheaters and Bloodsuckers Anonymous

I've started working on the sequel to Flesheaters and Bloodsuckers Anonymous. Hopefully, this book will go much faster. It's already a lot of fun. I'm taking a different approach to the writing this time, starting out with a basic plot and letting myself write up scenes as they come to me instead of trying to write the story in a linear fashion. Here's little snippet from the story for Sample Sunday:

Harold eased into the door. The room was lit only by a single small lamp by the bed. Within, lay the tiny creature which caused all of this trouble. Harold didn't know whether he would live or not, but he felt guilty for his earlier anger towards Zork. 
So much trouble from one small alien.

Now, that alien lay in bed, ass full of buckshot from a farmer's gun. If Harold had gotten there sooner. He might've been able to grab Zork and yank its slimy butt back to the safety of the hotel room before that farmer figured out that it was hunting their cattle.

This is an excerpt from the sequel to Flesheaters and Bloodsuckers Anonymous, currently in progress. If you want to read the first book in the series, check it out at

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