Sunday, February 19, 2012

Molecular Cloud Barnard 68: Poem

Earlier this month JA Marlow posted a blog about the dark and mysterious Molecular Cloud Barnard 68 and it reminded me of a short poem written seven years ago on this interesting phenomenon. I haven't done anything with this poem since writing it, so I'll give it a home here on the blog. It's below:

Molecular Cloud Barnard 68
Barnard 68
Photo Courtesy

I found a place to hide from you.
It took forever, glancing over
this Universe.

It's so cold here, so very cold.
I cannot even huddle to the warmth
of another, as you so casually assume

because I am alone in this place.

This frosty womb holds me,
protects me from the outside, conceals.
You'd like this place, if it weren't for the fact
that you've no one to bully. You couldn't
even find me here.

The vastness, the lack of gravity--the lack of air to breathe.

Sometimes pinpricks of light
through the eternal gloom,
different from the blank firings
of rods and cones at the backs of my eyes.

They are stars; swirling vortexes of matter
and energy pulling in, condensing, changing,
being born.

Space is a minor obsession of mine when it comes to poetry topics. The Universe is full of contradictions, mysteries and beautiful structures that evoke strong emotions in everyone. I'm sort of surprised that more people don't write space poems.

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